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Tea Tree Acne Spot Treatment | Sample

Tea Tree Acne Spot Treatment | Sample

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5 ml - sample size

15 ml - three sample bottles

Tea Tree Oil Acne Spot Treatment

Literally heaven in a bottle! Though it be but little, it is fierce! Some of us can actually feel when we're about to break out. This spot treatment is made to prevent those dreadful moments! Spot treatments work by delivering acne-fighting ingredients directly onto the blemished spots.

*You've saved your previous bottles, but now you need a REFILL? We've got you covered! Refills do not come in original packaging, but sleek 5ml glass containers instead.


fights cystic & hormonal acne, active breakouts & acne scars



Apply a small amount directly on the affected area - once or twice daily. No need to rinse off.  Be sure to patch test on hand before applying to face. Not encouraged to use on the entire face, just on those active breakouts!


JOJOBA OIL: mimics natural oil secretions of human skin

ROSEHIP OIL:  good for eczema & acne | GLOW properties! helps pigmentation & lightens acne scars | anti-aging properties, hydrates & evens skin tone

TEA TREE OIL: popular choice for treating acne | antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, soothes dry skin & combats oily skin

FRANKINCENSE OIL: protects skin cells, reduces appearance of large pores, prevents wrinkles & reduces acne blemishes



organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil, organic tea tree oil, frankincense oil






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