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Rosewater Facial Toning Mist

Rosewater Facial Toning Mist

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2 oz.
witness your skin flourish with our Rosewater Toning Mist!


Not only is rosewater extremely refreshing & hydrating, but it serves as a great addition to your skincare routine! If you've ever wanted to achieve the "wet look," this is how! Our Rosewater with Glycerin leaves you glowing and moisturized! Using it as a facial toner works to reduce discoloration, soothe and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, tighten stubborn pores, and balance and restore the skin's pH level.
ROSEWATER BENEFITS: suitable for any skin type, especially dry & sensitive | anti-inflammatory | soothes skin irritation | improve and brighten skin's complexion | anti-bacterial properties help reduce acne

Our facial mist can be used right before applying makeup for the dewy & flawless affect or right after applying makeup! However, the BEST feeling is when it's applied to a fresh face!

perfect for AM or PM but can also be used throughout the day.
Mist can be used after cleansing and before moisturizing OR after your makeup is set OR throughout the day as a quick pick me up!



Spray onto face & neck area - may refresh throughout the day if need be. Avoid contact with eyes. If using as a toner, pour a small amount of rosewater onto a cotton pad and dab around face.


aqua (water), Moroccan rose water, castor oil, vegetable glycerin