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Far From Perfect.

Hi all, it's me again! For those of you that may not know me, I'm Courtney - the founder of Lani Bryn Essentials!

So, whose skin is pretty much perfect? I'll wait on that one ....

In November of 2018, I posted my first skincare testimonial. I was so proud of how far my skin had come along, simply because of the fact that the cure was handmade by ME. My skin was horribleeeeee, but we won't get into that right now! Refer to the "Test Into Testimony" blog to read a little more about that.

Okay, so ... Some of you may not know this but I test EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT on myself before I actually release it. If it's harsh on my skin, I won't release it.  After testing so many different things, my skin started to purge - early April 2019. I would have cystic acne outbreaks, randomly. My skin also became very red & inflamed. Although I was testing a few products out, I continued to use those that were a part of my daily routine -- the Saving Face serum, laniDERM bar and the lemon bar. The problem came from me trying too many different products. I had to find a routine and stick with it!

I was becoming so discouraged to the point where I wanted to close Lani Bryn, altogether.

I then realized that it was more than just my skincare routine. I wasn’t eating healthy or drinking enough water and A LOT of skin problems can be caused by what’s going on inside of you. I couldn’t put my finger on why my skin was so red & inflamed. & where were those random breakouts coming from? About a month later, my face was back to normal from using the “Saving Face” serum, laniDERM bar, facial masks, etc. BUT I felt as if my dark spots weren’t fading fast enough. Why would they when I barely exfoliated? EXFOLIATION IS KEY TO REMOVING DEAD SKIN! I still needed something to fade those scars a little faster. So, I formulated a brightening elixir that has now been released — the Golden Glow elixir. I’ve been using it since June & things have been going great! I cleanse with the laniDERM bar in the morning & the lemon bar at night. As far as the acne goes, I use the tea tree spot treatment EVERY SINGLE DAY & NIGHT ... whether I have breakouts or not. It keeps them away! My most recent skincare routine will be listed below!

I do want to take a moment to speak on the new Golden Glow elixir. In a way, it's pretty similar to the "Saving Face" serum, but it contains different ingredients. Everything in Golden Glow works towards fading dark scars & spots that may be left from acne. So, for everyone that asks what I have for discoloration and dark spots .... Golden Glow is for you!

No chemicals were used in the process, only plants — only Lani Bryn, to be exact. Because of this, I am very proud! When it comes to skin, I’ve learned to be patient. They say a watched pot never boils. Just be consistent. Oh yea, drink your water & stay hydrated!

For everyone that's reading this, I hope you choose an alternative to mainstream skincare -- which is the natural way.


If you have any questions about ANYTHING, feel free to email lanibrynessentials@gmail.com or comment below!
Everything listed above is what I'm currently using. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same skin. What works for me may not work for you.

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  • Ruby Gordon

    I purchased your product today loving the way my skin feels and looks updated will follow

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